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Why Epoxy

One major benefit to using epoxy is that it creates a seamless finish. A seamless finish is both beautiful and functional.

Why Use Seamless Epoxy Flooring

Seamless epoxy flooring has a ton of benefits. There is no grout to clean, carpet to maintain, or wood floors to upkeep when you use epoxy for your flooring needs. Epoxy is hard, resilient, can handle spills without absorbing them, and lasts a long time with little maintenance. You can create epoxy floors that are utilitarian in nature or that are artistic masterpieces. They work in commercial settings and home settings as well.


Epoxy is highly durable. When you use epoxy on concrete, you create a surface that will last a lifetime. Epoxy flooring can handle having oil spilled on it, high traffic, and even vehicles driving over it.


“Green” epoxy is environmentally friendly. It is long lasting and requires little maintenance. It benefits from being cleaned with environmentally products such as Simple Green. There are even epoxies available that are glycerin-based, decreasing their environmental impact.

Quick Turnaround

Epoxy flooring can be used quickly after installation. Depending on the application, it can handle foot traffic in as little as twelve hours, and light use after 24 hours. This means your space can be back up and running quickly.


Epoxy flooring is very hygienic. Since it does not absorb liquids and other items, anything that has unwanted germs can be easily cleaned up without leaving a trace. This is a huge benefit for a kitchen or a business that processes items that carry E. coli or other bacteria.

Cost Effective

Epoxy is very reasonably priced. Of course, price does vary based upon type of epoxy used and whether it will include any special design elements. For instance, a simple epoxy coating on a garage floor is going to be less expensive than a floor with specialized designs such as embeds, inlays, or custom colors.

You can expect a professionally installed garage floor to cost between $3 and $12 per square foot, depending on what kind of epoxy you choose and if you include any specialized design elements such as colored flakes. However, prices may also vary greatly depending on your area. You can significantly reduce your cost if you are a DIYer.

Where to Use Seamless Epoxy

Seamless epoxy has many places it can be used. It is ideal for flooring in industrial applications, garages, homes, driveways, sidewalks, and more. Seamless epoxy also is good for countertops and bar tops.

How to Coat Floors With Epoxy

Installation of seamless epoxy flooring will vary based upon whether you use any special design elements in the epoxy. No matter what, you begin by thoroughly cleaning the floor with soap and water, and then rinsing it. Once it is completely dry, fill in any cracks, holes, or divots. Allow that to dry.

Then, mix your epoxy and begin to roll it on in 10’x10’ sections. Spread any color flakes or other design elements you’re using if you choose to do so. Then, roll the top coat on to finish it. Allow to cure for up to two days before fully using it again, though you should follow directions on the product you are using, which may have shorter or longer cure times.

How to Care for Seamless Epoxy Floors

Floor maintenance is a breeze with epoxy. Many epoxy floor lovers prefer to use non-abrasive cleaners such as Simple Green on their epoxy floor. This helps to maintain the sheen for a long time. Oil spills may require dish soap to cut the oil and ensure all residue is gone.

If the epoxy ever begins to degrade or look less appealing, you can either polish it or add another layer of epoxy on to get it looking brand new again.

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